Scrape IT: take advantage of the data we collect for you

A telecom provider who always wants to stay on top of the competition's rates. A wholesaler that always wants to have insight into their products. Or a comparison site that wants to automatically merge the data from other sites.
Those are just three examples of businesses that could benefit from data scraping. In other words, automatically collecting of online information that's relevant to you, then delivering it in a format that your business can actually use. At Scrape IT, that's exactly what we spend every day doing.

whether it's text, photos, videos or forms

In a market that's becoming more and more competitive, every business needs to make their decisions based on relevant, reliable data. Data that's freely available online.
Manually mapping all of that data is labour intensive and prone to errors. Things like prices can change daily. Whether it's text, photos, videos, or forms, Scrape IT can collect all the online data you're looking for. Either automatically and continuously or as a one-off service.

We know as well as you do that unstructured data isn't much use. That's why we provide you with structured data. Prices including and excluding VAT? MB and GB? Domestic and international phone numbers? We convert it all into a uniform data set for you. Then we deliver it in a way that works best for you. Whether it's in Excel, SQL, API, CSV, TSV, JSON, RSS or Google Docs makes no difference to us, as long as you can take the data and use it.

Save money and make better decisions

Why should you go with Scrape IT? Because we're not called Scrape IT for nothing. We're better prepared than anyone to pull data from multiple websites and structure it in a way that helps you save money, make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition. And we can tailor it to fit your company's needs. Interested? Share your scraping needs with us at

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Broad experience in different sectors

Scraping is our core business; we've got some serious skills.
Our 100+ customers think so too.


Due to our experience with a wide range of industries, we are among other things able to deliver:


Insurance/mortgage comparisons

Lease cars data and/or car model specifications

Aldermen and mayors of Dutch municipalities

(New) real estate projects

A list of webshops

(URL, name, segment, delivery methods, used CMS, website visitor information, etc.)


Overzicht of (German) schools

Google Maps (for example) map information


Catering at home and abroad

Is the data you want not listed?
No problem. There's a good chance we can deliver it anyway.

Bestaande data aanvullen met internetdata (data verrijken)? Doen we ook. Supplement existing data with internet data (enrich data)? Yes, we can do that.

Inquire about your options: of +31 (0)30-7371101.

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How we work & About us

Step 1

We'll start by asking three questions:

  1. What do you want to scrape?

It's often specific information from one or more websites.

Of course we also take on scraping tasks to search for appropriate online sources.

  1. How often do you want to scrape?

Just once? Periodically? Depends on the result? They're all options.

  1. In what format do you want to receive your data?

Any format works for us. What's most important is that you're actually able to use the information.

Step 2

We'll check to see if and how the data can actually be scraped, and in what timeframe.

Our price indications and quotes are based on your needs (what, when and how) and the complexity of the job.

Step 3

We'll collect the online data you're looking for. Then we'll deliver it in whatever format is most convenient for you.

Data extraction?
Extract data?

It all means the same thing: finding and storing data.

Scraping experience:

0 years

Number of customers:

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Number of scrapes:

0 + billion

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Why go with Scrape IT


Simple, valuable information for your business


Completely tailor made


Ease of use


All types of data


Delivered in a ready-made format that can be put to use straight away


Whichever delivery format you choose


Cost savings and efficiency


Accurate data


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Get in touch with us

Contact person:

Gertjan van Montfoort
Managing IT Director
+31 (0)30 7371101
+31 6 13217823

Roland Blommestein
+31 (0)30 7371101

Address for visitors:

Scrape IT
Reykjavikstraat 1
3543 KH Utrecht
The Netherlands
52.081896, 5.059542
COC: 62637282
VAT: NL854897550B01
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